Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hello my name is Sarah and I can never find boots that fit.

Thanks to a magical combination of genetics and lifelong activity I have enormous, muscley calves and a healthy cankle situation.

I've tried them all... J.Crew, Fitzwell, Naturalizer - you name the special boot and I've at least ordered it once (if not twice) and returned it.

I had one magical pair from Payless c. 1999 - but they look straight outta the wardrobe of Friends when Monica was making mousse out of Mocolate.

I have another pair that could use a stretch and another that's too stretchy and falls down when I walk 10 feet at a good clip.

This summer I discovered Duo Boots - a company out of the UK that offers boots that have various size and shaft combinations (tee hee - I could use that same phrase in such a different context, but it's just too easy).

Anyhoo - I'm happy to report that my calf size is somewhere in the middle (I blame my Brit ancestry for the situation now) and I have my choice of all available options.

At the time, the pound to dollar was somewhere around 1.83 and I wasn't about to pay $300 for boots that are worth 120 pounds... so I waited and watched.
And watched.
And waited.

Today it was 1.46 and I went for it - it may go lower (and if it does go to 1.25 I will be getting another pair).

Behold, the magical boot... being whisked my way across the ocean blue to be worn with skirts and dresses all winter long.


Next up... the Metz.. or maybe the Potenza... or the Samara...?


Beth said...

Oh, the Samara. Definitely the samara next!

sarah said...

The concern there is that the heel itself is covered in suede.

That could get icky quickly...

CatherineW said...

I love the Samara! Really -- if the price is reasonable, buy them.

sarah said...

Ok - so Samara is on deck for the next purchase (office-mates concur with your assessment).

HOWEVER - this means I need to begin accepting applications for a new position in the He-Harem: Puddle Carrier.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: the ability to use the threshold carry to squire me over snowy, slushy or otherwise wet expanses without getting my feet wet.

Fireman's carry is not an acceptable substitute.

Those smelling of Bay Rum are encouraged to apply regardless of ability.

Kimberly said...

Love the boots, they are sooo you!

Anonymous said...


Samra are in sale now :).

DUO have gone into 50% off Sale so i might stock up on a few pairs i think.


sarah said...

Thanks T,

I just ordered them! Samara are On. Their. Way.