Friday, October 17, 2008

Low-key night

I stayed in tonight and it was glorious.
No bags to pack, no road to hit, no reservation to meet.

I wandered over to Pinky's Day Planner and left there thinking I may commission her make a jacket I coveted so many years ago.

I saw that Asterisk Gallery was open and stopped in to see 103 and Counting. Great work as always - I walked away wanting one of Sally Matia's pieces and loving that we have so much talent here.

I finished up with a sundae from Scoops to reward myself for all the gym workouts, and sat on my backporch enjoying the fallness of fall.

Later, I scanned and organized pictures, each one reminding me how much life I've led and how much more I've yet to do.

Flying in planes...

Playing on beaches... (On season and off)

Being cute... (Hello - can you believe I hated how I looked when I was 22?)

Racing with the motliest of motley crews...

Attending historic tree-plantings... (Newton's Apple Tree @ Case)

Conserving mosaics and paintings 60' up on scaffolding... (Despite a debilitating fear of heights)


I'm pretty awesome.

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