Monday, February 11, 2008

Percussive maintenance

I got a sad iPod last evening while listening to tunes.
First it froze, then I tried to restore factory settings.
Then I finally got it to reset...
followed by: sad iPod.
I've had my Mini for 3 years now, which - I'm learning - is elderly in the realm of technotoys.

About 6+ months ago, the battery was giving out, and I found percussive maintenance (otherwise known as slamming, hitting or jarring the offending machine) worked wonders to keep it going for a few more songs.
I eventually (and proudly) replaced the battery myself, and smugly assumed I had a few more years before upgrading and spending an additional $300 odd dollars.

Alas, I tried percussive maintenance last evening, but to no avail.
I will try once more (with feeling), but I fear my iPod Mini in all its glorious pinkness, has left this mortal coil for good.

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