Saturday, November 24, 2007


In a Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin-pie filled haze, I needed to find clarity...
thru knitting.

I may actually achieve my goal of an entirely handmade christmas!

All knit from improvised patterns... (yay me!)

Me, with clarity found.

Clarity sure is cozy.


Scarves up close!

A ruffle-y, twist-y, spiral-y pink scarf!

I'd post the sweater I'm making, but the Tilda-beast took off with the second needle and hid it.


Kimberly said...

all that time i was knitting on my own in scoops and now look who has the bug. I'm glad you have found the love and obsessive pleasure in knitting. I however have broken my wrist skating and can not knit for the time being..arrgh!

sarah said...

oh no! how can you sling coffee? steep tea? steam milk and all the things that make the day better?

i am sorry i couldn't knit last year, but i was convinced that it was a skill i would never possess, alas, the irony of timing...